Blue Sequence is at the leading edge of sequence production systems. As a web based mission critical application it has a proven track record of delivering a reliable, flexible and secure solution for demand flow manufacturing.

The Blue Sequence system handles real time data from the production line, processing and verifying all signals received to produce and then deliver the right part, at the right time, to the right point in the manufacturing process.

As no two sequence production lines are the same, the Blue Sequence system is a bespoke application that is specifically tailored to meet each customers requirements all of which is provided for a low total cost of ownership which rapidly delivers a return on investment with typically short development and implementation times.

Business Benefits

For manufacturers, demand flow manufacturing is the next step forward for improved production making the whole process leaner providing companies with the competitive advantage by eliminating inventories and reducing costs. Sequence production depends on a visible supply and production chain which Blue Sequence delivers as a web based application providing real time demand information with a level of responsiveness that allows suppliers to react instantly to any fluctuations in actual production levels.

Product Specification

System Core Features

  • 100% web based
  • XML support
  • EDI module
  • Integration with SAP and legacy systems.
  • Specific matching of parts to products
  • Real time shipment details
  • Robust and reliable error handling
  • Built in alarm system

Technical Specification

  • Multi Platform Support
  • Database: PostgreSQL
  • Middleware: Ruby on Rails
  • Languages Python & Ruby

Service Core Features

  • Fully managed service
  • Remote site support
  • 2 hour response time
  • 24x7 support available

Key Benefits

  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Uses real time data to control production flow
  • Integrated web browser provides global visibility
  • Up to the minute EDI reporting
  • Reduced business overheads and increased business efficiency